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Passionate about customer care, Southern grocery store chain Publix hires skilled team members to ensure guest satisfaction. The supermarket giant maintains a network of over 1,000 stores. Vacancies frequently arise with the U.S. grocer, which offer various careers for entry-level associates and experienced professionals alike.

Facts About Working at Publix

Minimum Age to Work at Publix: 14 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Publix?)

Publix Hours of Operation: Typically Mon-Sat: 7:00am-11:00pm; Sun: 7:00am-10:00pm

Available Positions at Publix: Sales Associate, Bagger, Baker Trainee, Bakery Associate, Cake Decorator, Cashier, Cleaning and Sanitation Associate, Deli Associate, Demonstrator, Floral Associate, Meat Cutter Trainee, Meat Cutter, Meat Associate, Seafood Associate, Produce Associate, Stocking Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Customer Service Representative, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Cafeteria Worker, Stacker, Warehouse Worker, Dock Coordinator, Forklift Operator, Inventory Control Coordinator, Mechanic, Receiver, Truck Driver, Administrative Assistant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Job Opportunities at Publix

Work opportunities span from frontend service positions to backroom stock jobs and departments in between. Each area of the store offers part-time work for young or inexperienced associates and full-time careers for leaders and individuals with specialized talents. Publix also offers a wide range of careers outside of traditional grocery store jobs. Candidates interested in logistics may find a variety of options for employment at distribution centers. A majority of distribution centers operate in Florida, with one in Georgia, as well. Workers may also find manufacturing jobs at company-owned bakery plants, dairy plants, fresh foods processing sites, and deli kitchens spread across the two states. Applicants looking to fill administrative and business-focused roles may find careers in the company corporate offices. Key areas of employment at the head offices include facilities, finance, HR, legal, loss prevention, marketing, public affairs, real estate, and strategy support.

Individuals interested in building rewarding careers in the supermarket industry should pursue work with Publix. The grocery store treats associates very well and continually ranks as one of FORTUNE magazine’s Best 100 Companies To Work For. Job hunters may go online to complete an application form or locate an in-store Indianapolisrealestate Center (JAC) kiosk to apply for a job. The application process includes a personal information section and a questionnaire. In total, the process takes about 45 minutes to complete. Applications remain on file for 30 days. Questionnaire answers remain valid for six months, so applicants should stand ready when providing answers to the online questionnaire.

Publix Positions and Salary Information

Publix rewards workers with excellent starting pay, ample room for future pay increases, and bonuses. Most in-store jobs maintaining non-management status typically feature hourly pay, while store management positions offer base salary options. To ensure job security, the regional grocer offers ample advancement opportunities for motivated, goal-focused associates to develop careers while working with the company. The grocery store chain frequently oversees the hiring of new workers to staff the following jobs:

Cashier – Typical cashier duties include greeting customers, answering questions, operating cash registers, and handling payments. Assisting with the bagging of groceries also proves necessary at times. Cashiers staffed in closing shifts also need to assist with returns and store cleaning. Pay rates for cashiers typically start near $8.00 per hour. Read the Publix cashier job description.

Stock Clerk – First and foremost, stock clerks keep shelves organized and fully stocked. Stock clerks must ensure products are properly displayed and meet presentation guidelines. Key stock clerk job duties also include unloading deliveries and assembling displays. Additionally, stock clerks may need to clean, check expiration dates, and assist customers on the sales floor. The position routinely pays $9.00 an hour, according to experience and department. Take a look at the Publix stock clerk job description.

Management – Managers and supervisors oversee daily store operations, train employees, schedule workers, and hire new associates. Management jobs include store manager, assistant store manager, department manager, office manager, and shift supervisor positions. Publix managers may earn starting salary rates between $25,000 and $90,000 per year, depending on job title, work experience, and duties performed. Browse the Publix manager job description.

Tips For Applying

The large layouts of Publix grocery stores and overall demands for workers allow candidates to submit applications for multiple jobs simultaneously. On the application form, mark all positions desired and fill the required data fields out completely and honestly. The supermarket usually offers entry-level jobs as part-time opportunities. Workers need to possess open availability in order to work with the chain. Applicants must visit in-store kiosks to complete employment forms. Allot at least an hour to complete the forms. Hanging around afterward to speak to a hiring manager about the next step in the process shows initiative and may assist in gaining employment with the grocer.

Application Status

Applicants must provide contact information on the digital hiring forms, which recruitment personnel use to contact eligible individuals. Workers generally receive word of interview consideration with a week or so. After going through the various stages of the hiring process, candidates usually either gain employment immediately or await phone calls from management. The grocery store chain usually contacts workers by phone but may use email to notify job seekers of acceptance into desired positions. Contact the supermarket a week after your final interview if no offer occurs to check on application status.

Benefits of Working at Publix

Publix employees enjoy the job benefits of competitive pay, flexible hours, and extensive training upon hire. Eligible associates receive several additional work benefits, including health and wellness perks, future planning bonuses, and further employment benefits. Health and wellness benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as free flu shots. To support future planning, the supermarket provides 401(k) retirement plans and employee stock ownership plans. Additional employment benefits include access to employee assistance programs, vacation pay, and tuition reimbursement or assistance.

More Information on Publix

Publix believes strongly in workforce diversity. Crediting much of ongoing success to a diverse base of employees, the supermarket chain continues to hire talented associates from all walks of life. Since the early 1990s, the company has continually won industry awards for favorable and inclusive workplace environments. Publix stores remain dedicated to diversity and benefit from a steady flow of fresh ideas as a result of diverse workforces.

With diversity comes unique perspectives, and the Southern chain of grocery stores welcomes input from all employees. Each year, the grocery retailer surveys employees on their satisfaction and opinions of the company to help generate ideas on how to improve the work environment and business as a whole. The company also created the Publix Super Markets Charities Foundation to better improve the diverse communities it serves.

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  1. Bill

    Publix is a great company to work for. They treat their employees well and give everyone the opportunity to turn working there into a career. Join Publix and work hard, and you will be very happy.

  2. Randy

    Publix is a great place to interview. If you get the job and work your way up, you even get profit sharing. You can even start part time.

  3. sandra Montoya

    I retired from Publix with 13 years experience back in 1997. My goal today is to be rehired and start working again for the compamy that treats everyone fair and has great advancement for job oppurtunities.I LOVE PUBLIX!!!!

  4. Jan

    Publix is a great place to work. Now that I have moved out of the area that Publix serves, I realize how spoiled I was to have had that good of a job. Hire ages vary depending on which state you will be working in, and so does wage. Florida stores tend to have higher wages. If you know someone who works in a store ask them to look for a poster that shows what different divisions get paid to get a basic idea. I know that Georgia stores did not hire anyone under 16 and even that was only for baggers and cashiers.(Minors cannot operate certain kinds of equipment required in other positions, like cardboard balers, slicers, etc.) This company is so good that you could easily make it a career and be well off. The benefits are outstanding, and for the most part you’ll be working with great people.

  5. Elizabeth

    You can be a bagger, cashier, or a floral associate at the age of 14!

  6. austin

    The min. age is 14. I just read the sign today.

  7. Rodrigo

    many of my friends have told me that publix provides a good working environment. it is also a place where workers and customers can feel comfortable


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