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As an international fast food chain, Burger King requires a large workforce. Conducting hiring year-round, Burger King always looks for energetic, hardworking workers to join the team. Burger King often needs to hire team members into entry-level restaurant jobs.

Facts About Working at Burger King

Minimum Age to Work at Burger King: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Burger King?)

Burger King Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location; Typically open every day: 6:00am-2:00am

Available Positions at Burger King: Team Member, Cashier, Maintenance/Service Technician, Porter, Shift Coordinator, Assistant Manager, Overnight Supervisor, Restaurant General Manager, Administrative Assistant, Management Trainee, Intern, Tax Analyst, Legal Assistant, Product Development Manager, Brand Activation and Sales Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Burger King application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Burger King Employee Interview Videos

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Job Opportunities at Burger King

Most Burger King locations experience day and night patronage. The long hours of operation and average daily sales reaching into the thousands of dollars require employees to maintain fast and efficient levels of service. The fast food chain serves as a common place for entry-level or inexperienced workers to build resumes or begin promising careers in management. Each franchise generally imposes varying hiring requirements; however, most applicants need no formal work history for employment consideration and need only stand 15 or older to gain hire.

The most important attributes Burger King screens for during the hiring process include ability to show up to work on-time and schedule flexibility. While workers receive options for flexible scheduling at most locations, the fast food chain usually starts new-hires off in late-night or early morning shifts and reserves preferred shifts for experienced or tenured employees. Applicants must also possess the ability to follow orders and adhere to health and safety guidelines at all times. The burger chain often promotes from within and offers specialized training programs for motivated workers to advance into managerial or supervisory roles.

Burger King Positions and Salary Information

Burger King often needs to hire entry-level workers and aspiring professionals alike to staff restaurant jobs. The fast food chain must fill full-time jobs and part-time vacancies across the vast network of global franchises and company stores. The following fast food jobs need filled on a regular basis:

Team Member – Burger King team members ensure customer satisfaction and prepare menu items. A BK crew member may act as either a cook or a cashier cashier, with job duties often cycling multiple times throughout a single shift. Team member duties specifically include cooking, operating registers, cleaning, taking food and drink orders, and completing other assigned jobs as necessary. BK kitchen help and food preps prepare menu items for customers and maintain a clean, safe working environment. Browse the Burger King food prep job description to discover kitchen work with the fast food chain. Team member employees often receive starting pay between minimum wage and $9.00 per hour, depending on experience. Read the Burger King team member job description, complete with an employee interview video.

Management – Managers hire new employees, schedule workers, train associates, and oversee daily store operations. Management positions include team leader, shift coordinator, assistant manager, and restaurant general manager. Applicants must generally possess high school diplomas and carry relevant experience to work as a manager. Job seekers must also stand above the age of 18 for managerial jobs. Take a look at the Burger King team leader job description to learn about supervisory opportunities with the fast food chain. Managers typically receive annual salary between $20,000 and $40,000, at start, depending on job title and previous experience. Browse the Burger King manager job description.

Tips For Applying

The application for employment at Burger King asks job hunters to submit basic personal information, a brief summary of work history, and schedule availability. Available online, the hiring request form also gives applicants the option of attaching a resume file to send in with the application. Resumes allow candidates to expand on work background and career aspirations. A resume for an entry-level fast food job should not exceed one page. Employment hopefuls may also want to provide reliable references for hiring managers to contact.

Application Status

Though workers submit applications on the official Burger King website, job seeker information is forwarded to hiring managers at privately owned franchises. Hiring practices often vary by location, and managers may utilize the telephone or email to contact eligible applicants about moving forward with the company. Applicants who wish to follow professional protocol for checking on the status of an application should call the store within a week of applying to make sure the manager received the information. Another method of follow-up includes visiting a location personally and speaking with the manager on duty. Applicants who choose to visit stores in person should respect the hiring manager’s time by not visiting during breakfast, lunch, or dinner rushes. Additionally, candidates should demonstrate professionalism by wearing business attire. In many cases, managers contact qualified job searchers via phone within a few days of receiving applications to commence the hiring process.

Benefits of Working at Burger King

A Burger King employee receives access to a host of work benefits. Even an entry-level new-hire worker enjoys job benefits, like flexible scheduling, compensated on-the-job training, and competitive pay rates for the fast food restaurant industry. Eligible associates receive a host of additional employment benefits, including health and wellness perks, future planning bonuses, and further job perks.

Health benefits
Health and wellness employee benefits at Burger King cover many facets of life. Workers may access medical, dental, and vision health insurance plans as well as prescription drug plans. Associates may also utilize flexible spending accounts and take advantage of both dependent benefits and domestic partner benefits.

401(k) plans
An eligible associate may also access future planning benefits at Burger King. Qualified workers receive 401(k) retirement plans with up to 6% total income company match. Employees may also plan against the unfortunate and take advantage of business accident, life, and disability insurance options through the Burger King benefits package.

Burger King employees receive several additional employment benefits, as well. Eligible workers may access tuition assistance and adoption assistance as Burger King associates. Qualified employees also earn paid time off and access to a Burger King employee assistance program.

Most companies reserve comprehensive benefits packages for full-time employees. Part-time workers often receive more limited job benefits. Apply online to learn about available employee benefits with Burger King.

Additional Information on Burger King

As a global enterprise, Burger King understands the impact locations make on surrounding communities. In order to improve community relates, reduce carbon footprints, and encourage ethical practices and social responsibility, the fast food chain donates millions of dollars and hours of service through charitable organizations and company-sponsored initiatives. The restaurant pioneered the ability of customers to personally amend menu items to fit dietary or personal preferences. Each location also offers customers menu nutrition data. Recycling programs remain integral to everyday operations at each store as well as ongoing training opportunities in customer relations, green living, and health and safety protocol.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Can I give my application to any Burger King location?

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    you have to be at least 14 but in order to work when your 14 you have to have a work permit, and it also depends on the place.

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    I’m 15 and I just need a work permit with this job aplication for BK.

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    I just applied at BK and got hired, I’m 16. So i think the age minimum is 16yrs old in ohio…

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    If your spanish is enough to help you live in some country that only speaks spanish, then yes.

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    Well it all depends on what state you live in and the place. Like if they think you’re mature enough to work at the business that you’re trying to work at.

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    how much do u get paid as a shift coordinator in burger king?

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    how many days do i have wait to get the job with burger king?

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    What if I dont have any work experience? Would it be hard for me to get hired at Burger King?

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    I currently work at Burger King, it’s a good job, but you have to really be very fast paced working there. I work part time, it’s better to work in the morning. Not to many people come in to eat. I don’t like the night or afternoon shifts.

  11. Jose luis betemit

    I’ve been working in Burger King for about 5 years. Starting from personal training to go up to restaurant manager. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the area.


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