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A popular chain of casual-dining restaurants, Applebee's offers a wide variety of customer-service positions. Each location employs a multitude of workers and hires recurrently to fill job openings. Interested applicants may check with the company website for current openings or by filling out an application form at a nearby location.

Facts About Working at Applebee's

Minimum Age to Work at Applebee's: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Applebee's?)

Applebee's Hours of Operation: Sun-Thurs: 11:00am-12:00am; Fri-Sat: 11:00am-1:00am

Available Positions at Applebee's: Host, Hostess, Server, Bartender, Dish Washer, Carside To Go Specialist, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Broiler Cook, International Chef, Kitchen Manager, General Utility Worker, Food Expeditor, Busser, Assistant Manager, Manager, Waiter, Waitress, Customer Sales Assistant, Delivery Driver, Produce Analyst

Printable Application: Yes. Print Applebee's application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Applebee’s Employee Interview Videos

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Applebee’s Job Opportunities

Entry-level positions include both working with guests and food preparation in the back of the house. Both types of positions focus on customer satisfaction and require employees to possess genuine personalities as well as attention to detail. Front of the house job hopefuls, such as host/hostess, bartender, and server applicants, should promote friendly attitudes, work flexible hours, and remain dependable with a “can-do” approach to each task encountered. Kitchen help, such as line cooks and grill cooks, should maintain a clean and safe cooking environment, all while ensuring customer approval of meals served. Back of house employees need to follow direction correctly as well as remain consistent while preparing each dish to company standards.

Seasoned veterans of the restaurant business may wish to work for Applebee’s in a management capacity. Careers available include kitchen manager, assistant manager, and general manager. Supervisors focus on keeping each location profitable through maintaining inventory levels, pricing out food correctly, and managing labor costs on a day-to-day basis. Management also hires, trains, and effectively coaches team members to follow company guidelines, as well as provide excellent customer service. Each manager must also represent themselves in a manor becoming the food-service industry at all times.

Applebee’s Positions and Pay Scales

Applebee’s hires career seekers to fill a variety of positions at more than 2,000 locations nationwide. Applicants must stand 18 years of age to apply for entry-level jobs, in most cases. The casual-dining chain imposes a minimum age of 21 for aspiring bartenders and most managers. Depending on the type of management position desired, applicants may need to possess one or two years of food service experience. The casual-dining company frequently accepts applications for the following positions:

Wait Staff – Wait staff employment opportunities include server, host/hostess, and bartenders. Entry-level wait staff job duties include serving food, taking orders, greeting guests, mixing drinks, and completing other tasks as assigned. Employees must possess personable, fun, and upbeat attitudes. Servers typically earn wages around the state minimum wage for tipped employees. Hosts/Hostesses generally make minimum hourly wage to start, with increases available with time employed. Bartenders start around $8.00 an hour. Servers and bartenders also possess the ability to earn cash tips in addition to hourly pay. Consult the Applebee’s server job description to find out more about waiting employment opportunities or the Applebee’s bartender job description.

Kitchen Cook – Line cooks perform multiple duties including completing daily prep work, preparing food according to company recipes, and matching expected plate presentations. Cooks also need to practice safe food handling, maintain clean and sanitary prep areas, and the ability to stand, bend, and lift for extended periods of time. Cooks primarily work part-time shifts, though full-time work may prove available at certain locations. Hourly wages for line cooks start at $8.00 and may move up to $11.00 an hour. Take a look at the Applebee’s kitchen crew member job description for more details.

Management – Management positions include kitchen manager, assistant manager, and general manager. Kitchen managers typically hold responsibility over the back of house. Duties include food costs, back of house labor, and directing the activities of back of house employees. Yearly salary for a kitchen manager ranges from $35,000 to $45,000. Assistant managers support both general managers and kitchen managers in day-to-day operations. Manager roles involve making schedules, hiring and training new employees, and ensuring guest meal qualities and experiences meet with company goals and expectations. Assistant managers earn between $40,000 and $45,000 in salary annually, while general managers may make up to $55,000 a year. Read the Applebee’s manager job description.

Applebee’s Training Process

The training process for Applebee’s jobs varies greatly by position. Entry-level workers often undergo two or three weeks of specialized training. During the training phase, individuals assuming serving and hosting jobs work alongside current employees and receive visual and verbal orientation and instruction. Applebee’s servers must first learn the entire menu. Hosts and hostesses learn seating charts and table positions throughout the restaurant. New bussers and dishwashers with Applebee’s receive kitchen tours and demonstration on how to use cleaning apparatus. Cooks often receive more intensive training involving visual demonstration on how to prepare different menu items. Applebee’s kitchen workers also receive thorough instruction on proper procedure and handling of food as well as health and safety codes and guidelines. Managers generally receive the most intensive training at Applebee’s restaurants. Applebee’s managers may undergo 30 to 90 days of training, depending on previous experience. The Applebee’s Indianapolisrealestate offers more in-depth information into training processes and work opportunities available.

Tips for Applying

Applebee’s historically operates as independently owned franchises, so most applicants may need to apply either online or on site at a preferred location. Make sure to write down all applicable information on to the application and write legibly in permanent ink. Applying in person may work to the advantage of candidates, as hiring managers may take the opportunity to interview job hunters immediately, with the possibility of associating an application with a name and face. The initial meetings help demonstrate initiative and invite follow up meetings with hiring managers

Application Status

Applicants should observe proper follow-up etiquette when applying for positions, while maintaining respect for the time managers need to review other applicants. For entry-level positions, job seekers should contact the manager responsible for hiring about a week after submitting the necessary forms for employment. Show persistence and genuine interest in the position applied for by contacting hiring managers consistently, though ideally, asking about the timeline for hire should help focus the follow-up process considerably. Some positions receive immediate hiring consideration, though other hiring decisions require patience, as it may take up to two or three weeks, depending on the amount of candidates vying for similar positions.

Benefits of Working at Applebee’s

Applebee’s employees enjoy comprehensive work benefits including competitive pay, meal discounts, and holiday and vacation pay. Employees may also receive paid training, flexible scheduling, and opportunities at professional development and growth. Full-time employees may qualify for health benefits, 401(k) retirement plans, and monthly bonuses. Employee benefits vary according to position at most franchised and corporate locations.

More Details about Applebee’s

With childhood nutrition still at the forefront for many activists in the United States, Applebee’s recently revamped the corporate kid’s menu in hopes of providing more healthful additions for kids to enjoy. With 26 total menu items to choose from, the casual-dining restaurant also divided the menu in two, with entree options for older kids and younger kids, so portion sizes match accordingly. The restaurant now offers 10 meals meeting the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell nutrition criteria, and such options include chicken, steak, and pasta dishes. The franchised restaurant also offers eleven new side dishes, including steamed broccoli, apple slices with yogurt, and salad options.

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